Summer, 2018

Commissioner Applebee negotiates for School Resource Officers

Public Health and Safety commissioner Rich Applebee has negotiated plans with Seneca High School and Seneca Grade School to provide School Resource Officers for both districts.  Applebee commented "Our children are our most valuable resource and protecting them is a high priorty for all of us.  But more than armed security these officers can work with students struggling with drugs, alcohol, bullying, and other bad choices.  Also, we'll have a better police outreach program with student mentoring. Our SRO will be that mentor, someone that students can look up to and go to when they need to. We want our students to view the police as friends and not as enemies."  Jim Carlson, Superintendent of Seneca High School told the Times news paper "Commissioner Rich Applebee and Police Chief George Lamboley were extremely instrumental in making this work.  They both had the knowledge of how it would all work and they knew what type of person we needed."

December, 2018

Seneca police get tech upgrade


The Seneca Police Department has installed all new computers in the department.  Commissioner Rich Applebee said the computers were at the point of now being unacceptable.  “Our computer systems in the police department were anywhere from 6 to 10 years old,” Applebee said. "With the new systems we are now able to handle all the reporting systems and needs of the department.  The project has been quite successful."

December, 2018

Seneca approves police contract


The Village of Seneca Council has approved a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the local police union.  Commissioner Applebee annouced that "though negotiations took a while I am pleased with end results.  We averaged less than 3% raises for the next three years and still provided very good benefits and protections for our officers."