On this page you will find a collection of questions I have been asked and my answers to those questions.  I will fit as many questions and answers here that I can.  Feel free to ask your own questions using the form below, on Facebook, or how ever you wish.  Thanks and keep them coming.


Q:  How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in Seneca?
A:  Great question.  I would like to use the "four-eyes" approach:  Inform, Invite, Involve, and Implement.
    Inform:  The first thing I would do is add a video feed of all Village Council meetings on our Facebook page and/or our website to reach a wider audience.  I would also like to publish, as much as possible, information on upcoming ordinance changes, zoning changes, and any or all major issues that affect the citizens of our village.  
    Invite:   We would also advertise and encourage the public to come to our meetings so we will able to directly hear their input, whether on a specific topic or in general.  We will invite input in other forms as well, such as e-mail, phone, or other messaging method.  We will also reach out to those who may have a special knowledge for their input.  
    Involve:  In addition to our Plan Commission and our Park Board, if we have a specific issue that needs further study or planning (downtown development for an example) we will develop issue specific advisory groups to advise the council.  We would try to get as many different voices and opinions as possible.
    Implement:  As we have learned in the past, no amount of planning or community involvement is worth anything if we don't actually do something with the recommendations.  I will ensure that we will act on as many feasible recommendations as possible.
Q: If you received a $1 million dollar grant for the Village, how would you use it and why?
A:  Tough question. $1 million is obviously a lot of money, but if you start talking infrastructure it's really not. Keeping that in mind, the first thing I would do is fix as many roads as possible in the Village.  Starting with Valley View, Walnut St., Oak St., and parts of Scott St.  Then depending on what is left, I would probably put it into the park system for basketball and/or tennis courts or something like that.  But like I said it is a tough question and there could be other answers. I gave you my answer, but a full council decision would be best.
Q:  What’s your stance on union labor and minimum wage?
A:   Thank you for such an important question.  Labor unions are a major factor in the rise and stability of the middle class in our country. I am very much in favor of labor's unions in general.  I firmly believe a competitive and livable minimum wage is vital for a healthy middle class both locally and nationally.   In an era that sometimes seems dominated by the extremes of every side of every issue, I believe that the majority of us in the middle must be encouraged to make our voices heard and the middle class needs must be considered in every decision.

Q:  Republican or Democrat?
A:  Neither.  Independent.  These municipal races are non-partisan.